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General tab

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 General tab contains general properties for the project.



Project name

Name of the project.


Author of the project.

Start screen

Name of the start screen.  When you create a new project the Start screen combobox is empty. You can choose the start screen after creating screens of the project.

Update interval

Update interval of the project. It’s an interval for updating (redrawing) graphical objects of the current screen. Also with this interval scripts will be executed if "every cycle" is checked for ST script. For scripts with execution type "OnDataChange" scripts will be executed if tag's values is changed, if this tag is used in this script.

Default font

Default font for all texts in the project.  System font lets you use Chinese, Arabian and etc language symbols.

Screen dimensions

Default dimensions of your design screen in the screen dimensions fields. These values are also used for scaling your project. Be careful if these dimensions are differs from the dimensions of the screens you developing, this may cause your project to display incorrectly on devices with different screen resolutions.

Runtime differs

If the screen dimensions of your target device differs check runtime differs  and enter its screen dimensions.

Use project protection

If you want to protect your project from opening and editing by non-authorised person check use project protection.


Password for protecting your project.

Save tags values

Check save tags values if you want to save all tag’s values when you close application and load them when you open your project.

Save DB name

Name of the database where tag’s values will be saved.

Max request attempts

Number of maximum server requests before determining that the connection with the server has been lost.

Auto logout

If you want current user auto logout in setup minutes after login you have to check this property.

Auto logout time(min)

Time in minutes before auto logout is happened.


Optionally, specify a meaningful description of your project.