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If you want to notify users by SMS messages you have to setup GSM-modem:






Use GSM modem

Check if you want to use SMS notifications about Alarms. All event messages that have priority less then Notifications(priority<=) will be sent by SMS.

Port ID

ID of the COM port.  If this port can not be open in TeslaSCADA2 Runtime other port will be tried to find and open.

Baud rate

Baud rate of the Common RTU server.

Flow control

Flow control of the port. It can be NONE, RTSCTS and XONXOF.

Data bits

Number of data bits.  It can be 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Stop bits

Number of stop bits. It can be 1, 1.5 and 2.


Parity of the Common RTU.  It can be NONE, EVEN, ODD, MARK and SPACE.

To phone numbers

Phone numbers separated by commas which SMS with alarms will be sent to.

Notifications (priority<=)

If priority of the event message below this value SMS will be sent. If this value <0 global Notifications (priority<=) will be used


Message of the SMS.

You can use keywords:

{name} - name of the tag that send an alarm message.

{server} - name of the PV input server.

{message} - message is sent by tag's alarm.

{group} - name of the tag's group.

{subgroup} - name of tag's subgroup.

{description} - tag's description.

{value} - tag's value.

{priority} - tag's message priority.

{datetime} - current date and time (when alarm is happened).

{projectname} - project name.

{projectdescription} - project description.