History DB table read

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History DB table read

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URI: https://cloud.teslascada.com/historydbread


BODY: You can use Query format: token={token}&historydbname={historydbname}&decimalpos={decimalpos}&begin={begin}&end={end}&orderby={orderby}&type={type}&timeformat={timeformat}

Or JSON format: {

                 "token": {token},

                 "historydbname" {historydbname},


                 "begin": {begin},

                 "end": {end},






{token} - Your TeslaCloud token that you got after connecting

{historydbname} - Name of the history database

{decimalpos} - Decimal position for the values displayed in History table.

{begin} - Begin time period in milliseconds since 1970 year.

{end} - End time period in milliseconds since 1970 year.

{orderby} - Order by of the table's values.

{type} - Display date and time in the same column or not.

{timeformat} - Format of the date and time column encoded by Base64 without padding.




200                        Success. Get history information for table.

BODY JSON format:                Array of History values:











{id} - ID of the History table's row.

{date} - Date of the history values.

{time} - Time of the history values.

{name} - Name of the history value.

{historyvalue} - History value.


400                        Not success. Could not get tag's history information.




Query format: token=fdeEWd&historydbname=HistoryDB&decimalpos=1&begin=605359353893&end=6063442552522&orderby=1&type=1&timeformat=SEg6bW06c3MK





JSON format: Array of History values: