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It's possible to demonstrate screens of your project in a Web browser. To open screens of your project click correspondent button:




Create project you can in TeslaSCADA2 IDE. How to work with TeslaSCADA2 IDE you can find in our User manual:

Upload screen in the Web browser you can in 3 ways:

1. Run your project in TeslaSCADA2 Runtime on desktop (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Raspberry PI) or Android versions. While TeslaSCADA2 Runtime is running you can get screens of  your project.

2. You can save screens you want on TeslaCloud. To do this open your profile by clicking on your account's name on the top. Click Settings, choose Screens tab and save Screens you want. This possibility has some restrictions. Size of all saved screens should be below 3MB.

3. You can store your screens in your ESP file system. To do this create your screen in TeslaSCADA IDE. Export this screen for cloud and upload it into device. How to do it here: