Supported Hardware

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Supported Hardware

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There are different ways to get your devices connected to the TeslaCloud:


TeslaSCADA2 Runtime

 The simplest way provide data to TeslaCloud is to use protocols that supports TeslaSCADA2 Runtime: Modbus, Siemens ISO/TCP, Ethernet/IP and others. For more information about devices that support TeslaSCADA2 Runtime you can find here. You can collect information you needed by TeslaSCADA2 Runtime and provide this information to the TeslaCloud. For this purposes you can use desktop versions (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Raspberry PI) or Android version of our product. By using TeslaSCADA2 Runtime you can also read the information from the TeslaCloud by internal or HTTP protocol.


TeslaCloud library

 If you want to use TeslaCloud for IoT projects you can study our C++ library for embedded devices on the GitHub. It uses internal protocol to connect to TeslaCloud and provide data.

Now we've tested it on several boards: Arduino UNO, ESP8266 and ESP32.



 HTTP(s) API A standard communication protocol that can be used by any Internet-connected device. The device connects to the cloud occasionally to transfer the data. Sending timestamped data in batches is also possible, which is particularly useful for Cellular devices. You can find more guidance in HTTPS REST API documentation.