What is TeslaSCADA2 OPC UA Server.

 TeslaSCADA2 OPC UA Server is an OPC UA Server for Mac OS, Windows, Linux operating systems to direct access to production and process data, using the most familiar industrial communication protocols – Modbus TCP, Siemens ISO/TCP, Ethernet/IP, FINS/TCP(UDP), MQTT and OPC UA. And provide production and process data in OPC UA protocol format.

Supported Modbus Devices

  • Any device that supports Modbus TCP protocol. 

  • Modbus RTU devices through an ethernet to serial gateway.

Supported Siemens Controllers

  • S7-1200 direct.

  • S7-400.

  • S7-300.

Supported Allen-Bradley Controllers

  • ControlLogix.

  • CompactLogix.

  • Micrologix.

  • SLC500

Supported Omron Controllers

  • Omron CS1, CJ1 and newest.

Supported OPC UA Servers *

  • All servers that supports OPC UA protocol.

Supported MQTT Servers

  • All servers that supports MQTT protocol.

Evaluation version.

Evaluation version has some restrictions - you can't use over 16 tags in your project. You can download evaluation version here.

Full version.

Full version doesn't have any restriction. To order the full version of our products This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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