How Information and Communication Technologies will support future intelligent technical systems, can be seen in the field of production technology in the Lemgo SmartFactoryOWL. The resulting field of action is called “Industry 4.0” within the framework of the high-tech strategy of the Federal Government. In the “SmartFactoryOWL", the Institute Industrial IT (inIT) of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University and the Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, are exploring and testing new system technologies for adaptive, reconfigurable, and energy efficient production systems that are for example based on service-oriented architecture (SOA). Machine learning of system models, human-machine interaction with localised services, scientific and technical issues of system integration or the reliable remote control of remote equipment via the Internet and mobile communications are an issue. The video shows, how a smart production module with a PLC and a integrated OPC-UA Server can be controlled and monitored by a Smartwatch.

For more information you can watch this article (German).

Operative control

operator android scada 

The machine operators can make adjustments even when they’re not able to be physically at the machine.


android scada mac os windows 

Operations managers use our products to monitor plant efficiencies, production constraints and maintenance information.



android scada mac os windows 

Engineers and technicians can monitor and control devices parameters and adjust them if they’re out of the range.


Home automation

android scada mac os windows 

Owners of the house can use our products for the control of home automation at home or remotely.

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