Create Telegram Bot

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Create Telegram Bot

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If you want to get events notifications from your project in TeslaSCADA2 Runtime you can use Telegram messenger for this purpose. To send messages via Telegram, you need to make a preliminary configuration.

1. First you need to create your own Telegram bot. To do this, you need to open the Telegram application, find a bot with the name "@BotFather", press the "Start" button and send the /newbot command to it:




2. Next, you need to come up with a bot name and username (must end with the word "bot").

3. After that, the Token will be received. Copy token





4. Next, in the Project properties->Events/History tab, check "Use Telegram Bot", enter bot's name and token:




5. Then you have to start TeslaSCADA2 Runtime and run this project (in TeslaSCADA IDE telegram bot doesn't work). Don't ignore this step!

6.  After that, users who want to receive notifications should find our bot in Telegram and write /start:




To stop getting notification messages enter /stop. Also you can get some information from your project. To get possible command write /info:




Enter /tags to get current values of tags.

Enter name of the tag used in your project. You’ll get information about value of this tag and if this tag supports history you’ll get trend for last hour. You can choose other period by clicking proper button.

Important! Don’t use underline in the name of the tags. Telegram have problems with working with this kind of names.

Important! At this moment you can use Telegram bot only on desktop versions of TeslaSCADA2 Runtime.


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