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Telegram bot

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 If you want to notify users by Telegram you have to setup Telegram bot:




Use Telegram Bot

 If you want to use Telegram notification in your project check Use Telegram Bot. All event messages that have priority less then Notifications(Priority<) will use Telegram Bot to notify user.

Bot's name

Name of the Telegram bot.  You get Telegram Bot’s name from BotFather when you creating your bot.

Bot's token

Token of the Telegram bot.  You get Telegram Bot’s token from BotFather when you creating your bot.

Notifications (priority <)

Events with a priority lower than this value will be notified about it by using Telegram bot. If the value is less than 0 common Notfications (priority<) will be used.


Message that will be sent to telegram bot. If this field is empty only tag message will be sent. If not empty this message will be sent. You can use keywords:

{name} - name of the tag that send an alarm message.

{server} - name of the PV input server.

{message} - message is sent by tag's alarm.

{group} - name of the tag's group.

{subgroup} - name of tag's subgroup.

{description} - tag's description.

{value} - tag's value.

{priority} - tag's message priority.

{datetime} - current date and time (when alarm is happened).

{projectname} - project name.

{projectdescription} - project description.


Before using telegram for notifications you have to create telegram bot.