E-mail client

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E-mail client

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 If you want notify users by E-mail you have to setup E-mail client:




Use E-mail client

Check Use E-mail client if you want to use E-mail notifications about Alarms. All event messages that have priority less then Notifications(Priority<) will be sent by E-mail. Or you can use function sendemail in ST script.


E-mail host information.


E-mail port information.


Type of the connection - TLS or SSL.

From E-mail address

From which E-mail address the mail will be sent.


Check Authentication if you use Username and Password.


Username of the E-mail account.


Password of the E-mail account.

To E-mail addresses

To which E-mail addresses the mail will be sent. Use commas to separate addresses.


In some accounts, for example in Gmail you have to make some setups before it would be possible to send E-mails. For Gmail you have to turn on the access for less secure apps for example and also some other settings.