About TeslaSCADA IDE

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About TeslaSCADA IDE

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 TeslaSCADA IDE is an integrated development environment used for configuring, developing and managing HMI/SCADA applications. In this manual you will find everything you need to create a full-featured SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) project visualization. With this tool you can create and manage TeslaSCADA projects, configure connections with devices, enter tags, alarms, and trends.

 A simple to use interface allows for easy manipulation of the project’s configuration and data processing. The project data are stored in a single file (based on xml) for easy backup and restoration.

 TeslaSCADA IDE has an integrated GUI (Graphical User Interface) visualization editor for easy creation of professionally looking graphics.


hmtoggle_plus1Main features of TeslaSCADA projects

Also information about TeslaSCADA2 you can find on our site: https://teslascada.com/products/teslascada2


There are 2 possible ways to use TeslaSCADA:

Direct architecture.

Client-server architecture.