About TeslaSCADA IDE

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About TeslaSCADA IDE

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 TeslaSCADA IDE is an integrated development environment used for configuring, developing and managing HMI/SCADA applications. In this manual you will find everything you need to create a full-featured SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) project visualization. With this tool you can create and manage TeslaSCADA projects, configure connections with devices, enter tags, alarms, and trends.

 A simple to use interface allows for easy manipulation of the project’s configuration and data processing. The project data are stored in a single file (based on xml) for easy backup and restoration.

 TeslaSCADA IDE has an integrated GUI (Graphical User Interface) visualization editor for easy creation of professionally looking graphics.


 Main features of TeslaSCADA projects

Also information about TeslaSCADA2 you can find on our site: https://teslascada.com/products/teslascada2


There are 2 possible ways to use TeslaSCADA:

Direct architecture.

Client-server architecture.