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The scripts are shown in the table. The first column contains the script name, the second column contains the script type - General, Screen, Tag or Object, the third column contains the execution type - OnDataChange, OnStart, OnClick and others:


You can hide or show columns by clicking "+" button:


By clicking right button on the script you can call context menu:


List of menu items with their functions:

New Script - create a new script. You can also create a new script in the main menu Project->New script. Then dialog window will be opened for editing script properties.

Open Script - open the script. It is opened for develop script command purposes. If script use FBD language design screen for FBD objects will be opened. If script use ST language code area will be opened. You can also open the script by double clicking on it.

Copy Script - copy the script. It is copied with all FBD objects if you use FBD language or with all code if you use ST language.

Delete Script - delete the script. It is deleted from the project.

Script properties - open dialog window for editing script properties.

New Script Group - create a new script group. It's useful to simplify the structure of the project.

New Script Subgroup - this menu item is shown when your right click on the script group. It creates new script's sub group. It's also useful to simplify of the project structure.

Add to Group - add this script to the script group or subgroup from the list.

Reference to - help to find the script in the project. General and Screen types of the script will be searched in the screen, Tag type in tags and Object type in objects.

Export Script - export this script for another project. File is saved with .tsp2scipt extension.

Import Script - import the script from the file with  .tsp2script extension.

Export Script (Sub)Group - export scripts from the group or(and) subgroup. File is saved with .tsp2groupscripts extension.

Import Script (Sub)Group - import scripts with the group or(and) subgroup from the file with .tsp2groupscripts extension.

Export All Scripts - export all scripts for another project. File is saved with .tsp2allscripts extension.

Import All Scripts - import all scripts from the file with .tsp2allscripts extension.


You can also manage scripts in script groups and subgroups by using drag and drop technology:


Scripts window