Trigonometric library

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Trigonometric library

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toradians(Input) - used to convert degrees to radians.

todegrees(Input) - used to convert radians to degrees.

sin(Input) - used to calculate sin of Input value. (Output = sin(Input)).

cos(Input) - used to calculate cos of Input value. (Output = cos(Input)).

tan(Input) - used to calculate tag of Input value. (Output = tag(Input)).

asin(Input) - used to calculate arc sin of Input value. (Output = arc sin(Input)).

acos(Input) - used to calculate arc cos of Input value. (Output = arc cos(Input)).

atan(Input) - used to calculate arc tag of Input value. (Output = arc tag(Input)).



double angle = toradians(30);

double a = sin(angle);



a = 0.5;