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Import for iOS

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When project is created, it can be imported for iOS mobile devices. To do import for iOS devices you should enter File-> Import for iOS. When you do it Import for iOS window will appear:


To do import project for iOS devices click Import, file dialog will appear, enter name of the file and click OK. Import file has *.tsp2db extension. This file based on SQL database format and you can open and check it by using software for working with SQL databases. You can also open imported file by clicking Open button. Imported or opened file will be appeared in the text field. To activate project:

1.Choose license type.

2.Enter license number.

3.Click Activate button (it will change background colour to the green and «License available for activation» message will appear).

4.If you want to deactivate license click Deactivate button (it will change background colour to the green).

5.Load project on iOS device.

6.When loading of the project is completed on iOS device «Activation completed» message will appear (device should have an Internet access).


If TeslaSCADA2 Runtime has now been installed on the iOS mobile device (iPhone or iPad), there are 2 ways to load the imported project on the device:

1. Network method.

2. Manual method.

Click Load on iOS device to use Network method to load imported file on your iOS device.


Network method

This method must, the PC on which the TeslaSCADA IDE is started, and the iOS mobile device on which TeslaSCADA2 Runtime started and the project will be stored in a Wi-Fi network (note IP addresses) are.


1. Enable WiFi on your mobile device where installed TeslaSCADA2 Runtime.

2. Start the TeslaSCADA2 Runtime app.

3. In TeslaSCADA2 IDE select the menu item File->Import for iOS.

4. Open the desired imported project. Click Load on iOS device.

5. It now opens the dialog Load on iOS Device and it will now search for mobile devices with the active TeslaSCADA2 Runtime. You can start a broadcast search and browse the entire

network. However, since some routers do not forward broadcasts, there is also the possibility of a specific device search on the IP address.  This search takes a normally 5-10s. In individual cases it may happen that this search can take up to 3 minutes.  If you can’t find a device you can try to restart Load on iOS Device dialog and TeslaSCADA2 Runtime application on iOS device.

6. After a successful search in this dialog box all found mobile devices with active TeslaSCADA2 Runtime app will be shown:


7. Now select the desired target device and press the Load on Device button.

8. After a successful transfer, the target device with TeslaSCADA2 Runtime load new project.


Manual method

Another way to load an project on the iOS mobile device is iTunes ->File Sharing.

Important! For new MacOS versions it's possible to load an project on device by using Finder.

1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.

2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using the USB cable that came with your device.

3. Click your device in iTunes.

4. In the left sidebar, click Apps. Then, scroll to the File Sharing section at the bottom of the page.

5. Select TeslaSCADA2 Runtime see which files are available for sharing in that app on your device.

6. Now you can copy your imported project (*.tsp2db) to the documents folder of TeslaSCADA2 Runtime apps.