Load on Device

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Load on Device

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When project is created (screens, servers, tags, scripts and users), the project can be loaded on the mobile device or other PC. For this purpose, first the corresponding TeslaSCADA Runtime mobile app on the Android device or PC apps on the Windows, Linux or MAC OS must be installed and started.

If the app has now been installed on the mobile device or PC, there are 2 ways to load the project to the device:

1. Network method.

2. Manual method.


Network method

This method must, the PC on which the TeslaSCADA IDE is started, and the mobile device or PC on which TeslaSCADA Runtime started and the project will be stored in a Wi-Fi network (note IP addresses) are.


1. Enable WiFi on your mobile device or PC where installed TeslaSCADA Runtime.

2. Start the TeslaSCADA2 Runtime app.

3. Open it in the editor TeslaSCADA2 IDE the desired project to be transferred.

4. Select the menu item File->Load on Device.

5. It now opens the dialog Load on Device and it will now search for mobile devices with the active TeslaSCADA2 Runtime. You can start a broadcast search and browse the entire network. However, since some routers do not forward broadcasts, there is also the possibility of a specific device search on the IP address.  This search takes a normally 5-10s. In individual cases it may happen that this search can take up to 3 minutes.  If you can’t find a device you can try to restart Load on Device dialog and TeslaSCADA2 Runtime application:


6. After a successful search in this dialog box all found mobile devices with active TeslaSCADA Runtime app will be shown.

7. Now select the desired target device and press the Load on Device button.

8. After a successful transfer, the target device with TeslaSCADA2 Runtime load new project.


Manual method

Another way to load a project on the mobile device is a file explorer such as: the Android File Transfer for Mac OS. Once the TeslaSCADA Runtime installed mobile app and once started on the sd card, a folder called Android/dat/tesla.scada2.android/files/Projects is created. Now, if the project which has been stored as .tsp2 file from the Windows, Linux or MacOS system TeslaSCADA IDE(The path was chosen when you first save of the project) will be manually copied to the folder of the sd card of the TeslaSCADA Runtime mobile device, the app can be started normally. Now loads the app, the file from this folder by clicking Load on the main menu of TeslaSCADA Runtime. There is no problem to manually copy to the PC where TeslaSCADA Runtime is installed. You can use local network, flash driver or use any other storage device.