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Web-server tab

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       If you want to use Web-Server in your project click on the tab Web-Server and enable it. To have possibility to use Web-Server on the PC you want, Java 8(JRE) should be installed on it. Minimal version 8.25. To check version of Java you have in command line write command java -version. In the response you’ll get installed Java version. Also to have possibility to run Web-Server TeslaSCADA should be installed in the path without white spaces. You can use any modern browser to access to the Web-Server. The most recommended browser - Google Chrome.

Important! Web-Server is possible to use only in Evaluation version (project contains up to 16 tags) and in the Full version (if you activate a full license).


Below this list of Web-server properties:



Enable Web-server

Check if you want to enable Web-server.


Host of the Web-Server. Usually it’s an IP address of PC where installed TeslaSCADA2 Runtime and Run configured project.


Check HTTP if you want to use unsecured HTTP protocol  to connect to Web-Server.

HTTP port

HTTP port used by Web-Server.


Check HTTPS if you want to use secured HTTPS protocol to connect to Web-Server.

HTTPS port

HTTPS port used by Web-Server.

Truestore file

It’s a file where stored validated certificates. It should be with .jks or .keystore format.

Truestore password

Truestore password to have access to truestore file.

Keystore file

It’s a file where stored certificates of the server. It should be with .jks or .keystore  format.

Keystore password

Keystore password to have access to keystore file.

If you want to use self-signed certificates in keystore you’ll have problems in accessing to WebServer by using the most popular browsers. You have to use certificates signed by CA to exclude these problems.