MQTT Publisher tab

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MQTT Publisher tab

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 If you want to use Client - Server architecture in your system and use it with MQTT broker you have to check Enable MQTT Publisher:


Below description of the properties:



Enable MQTT Publisher

Check if you want to enable MQTT publisher.

Broker URL

Broker URL of the MQTT server.


Username of the MQTT broker.


Password of the MQTT broker.


Choose QoS of MQTT messages.

Enable TLS/SSL

Check Enable TLS/SSL if you want to use server certificate for encryption messages.

Certificate filename

Certificate filename. File should be placed in /private/ folder in the directory where TeslaSCADA2 is installed.

Enable Client Certificate

Check it if you want to use client certificate for encryption messages.

Client certificate

Client certificate filename. File also should be placed in /private/ folder

Client Private key

Client private key filename. File also should be placed in /private/ folder

Private key password

Private key password.

PEM formatted

Check PEM formatted if your certificate and key files are PEM formatted.

       MQTT publisher will send tag's values collected during project running on MQTT broker you want. MQTT subscribers will collect this values and represent it on devices you want. Publisher’s topics are consists of the «name of the project +/Tags/+tagname» for tags and «name of the project+/Events/+tagname» for events.