Quickstart for TeslaSCADA2 Runtime

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Quickstart for TeslaSCADA2 Runtime

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A guide on how to quickly connect TeslaSCADA2 Runtime project to the cloud

To get started:


1.Create a TeslaCloud account on the site: https://cloud.teslascada.com

2.Download TeslaSCADA2 package from our site: https://teslascada.com/downloads/download-teslascada2. It contains TeslaSCADA2 IDE to develop your project (it's free) and TeslaSCADA2 Runtime to use developed project to connecting to the devices and providing (or subscribing) information to TeslaCloud.

3.How develop your project in TeslaSCADA2 IDE you can find in our documentation: https://teslascada.com/HTML/index.html

a.First you have to create connection to your device by creating server.

b.Create tags to bind registers of the PLC to your project. In the tag settings you can setup TeslaCloud representation to have possibility to see tile for this tag on the WEB.

c.If you want you can create screens for your project and bind tags to graphical objects.

d.And at the end you have to enable and fill up TeslaCloud tab in Project properties settings.

4.Open developed project in TeslaSCADA2 Runtime and run it. Now all information collected from your device by using protocols Modbus TCP, Siemens ISO/TCP, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA and others are provided for TeslaCloud by tags and screens. You can read this information by using WEB interface on our site: https://cloud.teslascada.com or by using TeslaSCADA2 Runtime and Cloud client, or HTTP client. These clients you can create in TeslaSCADA IDE in Project properties->Cloud tab by using correspondent buttons.